UAE’s five-year multiple-entry tourist visa expansion; all you need to know

If you have the UAE’s five-year multiple-entry tourist visa, soon your stay can be a little longer than usual.The UAE’s five-year multiple-entry tourist visa allows a visitor (of any nationality) multiple entry and exit as long as they stay in the country for 90 days during each visit. The visa holder can also extend it for another 90 days, making the maximum duration of stay a total of 180 days in a single year.This is great in case of visits by family members, for business purposes or for other recreational purposes. This five-year multiple-entry visa is for all nationalities.

Indians to get UK visa in 15 days, says British High Commissioner to India

The United Kingdom on Friday announced that the visit visas for Indians travelling to the country will now be allocated within 15 working days. Referring to this, British High Commissioner to India Alex Ellis, in a video message added, “Good news for those travelling from India to UK – visit visas now within standard time of 15 working days (with a small number of trickier cases taking longer).”However, he added that there are still a few cases which take longer, very complex ones, and that’s right that they do, further stating that this enables new people to move to India and the United Kingdom with much greater ease.A UK Standard Visitor visa is applicable in case of visiting family or friends, vacation, business trip, or a short course of study. Then there is also this priority visa option, which now has a turnaround time of five days, the UK said, also adding that they have a big intake of student visas for the session starting in January 2023.The High Commissioner also added that two months ago, it was their aim to get back to processing India to Great Britain visa applications within their standard time of 15 days by the end of this year, which they have now achieved.

New Indonesia laws will not pose any risk to visitors, says Bali Governor

As per the latest reports, visitors to Bali will not face any risk because of Indonesia’s newly ratified criminal code. The island’s Governor stated this while dismissing concerns about revising laws which include articles criminalising sex outside marriage, and which might scare away tourists from its shores.As reported earlier, Indonesia’s parliament passed the controversial bill last week that also prohibits cohabitation between unmarried couples.Regarding this, Bali Governor Wayan Koster issued a statement recently noting that the new laws, which will come into effect in three years, could only be prosecuted if there was a complaint by a parent, spouse or child.He added, as such those who visit or live in Bali will not need to worry with regard to Indonesian Criminal Code.The Governor further informed that the provisions in the criminal code on this issue had already been altered from an earlier, stricter version, which would provide a better guarantee of everyone’s privacy and comfort.

Here’s why you need to experience the Mount Abu Winter Festival

Come December-end, Mount Abu, the only hill station of Rajasthan, becomes a folk haven. Don’t believe us? Be a part of the Mount Abu Winter Festival from December 29-30 and you will see what we are talking about. The annual Mount Abu Winter Festival is a cultural festival jointly organised by the Municipal Board of Mount Abu and Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation. Bookmark this grand cultural event.The festival is a great opportunity to experience the warm Rajasthani hospitality and the beauty of the hill station when it is at its cultural and traditional best.The Mount Abu Winter Festival features folk dances like Daph or Dhamal dance from Haryana, Ghoomar and Gair dance from Rajasthan, and many other folk specialties from neighbouring states of Punjab, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Other than traditional [dances, there are also firework displays, kite-flying, traditional sports and musical performances.

All you need to know about the Manali Winter Carnival in January

There’s no better time to be in Manali than in January, for the popular tourist town is going to celebrate the annual Manali Winter Carnival (January 2 to 6, 2023). With snow all around and the general beauty of the place, you will also get to be a part of this grand festival and get the best of Manali’s tradition, folk culture, sports and food.The Manali Winter Carnival was first held in 1977 and back then, the carnival mostly focussed on skiing. It’s no surprise that Manali has some of the best skiing slopes in India, and in winter, not only the locals but also people from all over the country visit Manali to experience the popular winter sport.


 Source : TOI